9 October 2014

Meet DFRC and its innovation and research at ICT Proposers’ Day

9 October 2014,

Today and tomorrow a networking event for researchers and professionals in the European Information & Communication Technologies sector is taking place in Florence, Italy. The beautiful […]

2 October 2014

Why your privacy is not at risk in LBASense behaviour analysis

2 October 2014,

Is a tradeoff between behavioural analysis and privacy really achievable? Many times people answer to this dilemma in different ways, according to the role […]

1 October 2014

LBAuto, the innovative and smart solution to monitor your mobile advertising campaigns

1 October 2014,

DFRC AG is proud to announce a new collaboration started in the previous months with Autovertising GmbH, the car advertising company based in Switzerland. From […]

19 September 2014

Catalonia National Day: 300 years for a rally of hundreds of thousands

19 September 2014,

September 11th, 2014. The 300th anniversary of the end of the siege of Barcelona is going to become the Catalonia National Day nobody will […]

2 September 2014

LBASense reports: not only peaks but seasons are always high in Grindelwald

2 September 2014,

What if the mountain destination you are looking for could possibly be cozy and challenging at the same time? Grindelwald, in the Bernese Oberland, the southern […]