16 April 2014

Only pouring rain can keep tourists away from La Rambla

16 April 2014,

Mention one of the most annoying thing that can happen while visiting a city. Now think about a Spanish destination, vividly bright and full […]

25 March 2014

LBASense lands in Barcelona and discovers Siesta being an actual tradition

25 March 2014,

In the previous week DFRC started a new collaboration with Eixos, the digital economic observatory which is providing valuable insights into the economic background […]

11 March 2014

More than one million Swedish citizens learnt about high-tech Skellefteå, a City Flow trial

11 March 2014,

Skellefteå is a delightful city with more than 30000 inhabitants only in the urban area, seat of a municipality which hosts 72000 people in the […]

20 February 2014

LBAir, the mobile phone detection payload, made its debut with success

20 February 2014,

As announced two weeks ago DFRC took part in the 1st European Unmanned Search and Rescue End Users Conference, held in Brussels on 10th-11th February. On […]

10 February 2014

The first week of February has been very quiet in Bern

10 February 2014,

While preparing our LBAir system for the official launch in Brussels last week, we had the feeling that the overall activity in Bern has somehow […]