31 August 2015

Can mobile technologies revolutionise international development?

31 August 2015,

Nowadays mobile technology seems to be everywhere, but what about the situation in the developing countries? How can ICTs help humanitarian workers on the ground as well as local communities, and to what field do these technologies apply? Healthcare, education, mobile money: the tech revolution affects every human domain and helps improving lives in developing countries, supporting international development. At DFRC we want to give our contribution too. Read how.

24 August 2015

The airport experience: how Crowd Analytics improves travel life

24 August 2015,

Summer in Europe and in North America symbolises the peak season for travellers from around the world; an usual question which comes to mind in this period and that is not so obvious to answer is: how busy are airports? Crowd Analytics helps understanding and organising people’s movement within the premises to improve the airport experience.

30 July 2015

Can Crowd Analytics benefit tourism? The case of Hangzhou’s West Lake

30 July 2015,

As big data and crowd analytics can be implemented for tourism, as well as for other economic sectors, the key is to remember that making your city more attractive means knowing how to better understand human behaviours, in a non-intrusive but valuable way that brings satisfaction to visitors and respects cultural sites as much as their inhabitants. Benefit tourism means benefit us all.
Our experience and analysis at UNESCO World Heritage Site West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

22 July 2015

Comparing international events’ popularity with Crowd Analytics: Singapore vs Shanghai

22 July 2015,

How would you rate the success of an international exhibition? Among the speakers’ fame, the quality of products showcased and VIPs, don’t forget people: visitors are the main key to success; without them there would be no presentations, no conferences, no business. Know them and make your event more attractive and competitive. Crowd analytics provides indicators to measure events’ performance: Singapore vs Shanghai, where would you expect the most successful event?

17 June 2015

Data as a commodity: the challenge

17 June 2015,

Data is reported as the new oil of the digital era. Yet long is the road to trade data as a commodity. Discover why in our CEO’s talk at IDA’s Data 1010 Talk Series.

15 June 2015

LBASense proves tradition’s endurance: the Seomun Market in Daegu, South Korea

15 June 2015,

The modern crowd analytics studies meet the tradition of Seomun market, in Daegu, South Korea. To discover people will never stop coming by.

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