2 September 2014

LBASense reports: not only peaks but seasons are always high in Grindelwald

2 September 2014,

What if the mountain destination you are looking for could possibly be cozy and challenging at the same time? Grindelwald, in the Bernese Oberland, the southern […]

25 August 2014

Zug, the Swiss precision marks the city footprint

25 August 2014,

The Swiss precision is legendary. Everybody has heard about it; perhaps, what is rather unknown is how deep this passion for punctuality and order […]

11 June 2014

iOS 8 may change the way large organisations are using location analytics

11 June 2014,

Large organizations such as airports and big shopping malls are currently using data collected by existing WiFi access points in order to deduce location and mobility analytic information […]

5 June 2014

Fewer tourists visited Bern on a rainy day

5 June 2014,

Raining is probably one of the most annoying things when you are visiting a city. It is said that people usually feel blue on […]

27 May 2014

Tourists survey in Barcelona: where do the city biggest fans come from?

27 May 2014,

Another revelation from the active collaboration between  DFRC and Eixos, the digital economic observatory based in Barcelona. Perhaps this time it’s not going to be an unpredictable discovery, […]