28 January 2016

Smart City data: barometer of a city’s good health

28 January 2016,

What if you could take an instant picture of a city’s history by seeing how citizens occupy their city? Smart City data helps understanding behaviours and discovering urban environment, by passively detecting anonymous mobile phone signals in order to build figures on how people move and gather and to offer citizens better services. DFRC can provide Smart Cities with these insights via LBASense technology.

21 January 2016

Measuring audience targeted by street and billboard advertisement

21 January 2016,

What if you could count the number of people that potentially see your billboard advertisement? And compare different locations to select the best for next campaigns? LBASense helps with a passive yet accurate way to measure the audience targeted by your ad and run location survey to identify the most crowded place to install a new billboard.

14 January 2016

Crowd Analytics for retails: a Chinese case study

14 January 2016,

Investing in real estate can be tricky. Crowd Analytics for retails can be the smart decision to resort to in order to compare international locations: get provided with independent measurements of locations’ popularity in a city, before opening a shop or deciding to invest in real estate.
Based on mobile phone data, real-time Crowd Analytics can lead to benchmark analysis for multinational players, owning real estate in several locations globally spread.
Our case study in Weifang, China, as comparison with Singapore target market .

8 December 2015

DFRC China: the opening of the first support centre

8 December 2015,

In the wake of many Smart City projects launched in China since 2013, DFRC has opened an office in Weifang, Shan Dong Province, China, becoming DFRC China. Supported by the local Science and Technology Bureau, DFRC China’s office is located in the city central, at Level 13 Tower B of La Villa Building. Backing the growing communication work, DFRC’s Chinese team is also proud to announce the launch its first Chinese social media account on WeChat (ID: dfrc_china).

24 November 2015

Smart City Expo: exhibition of technologies for citizens of the world

24 November 2015,

DFRC experience and demo at Smart City Expo World Congress: 3 days of scouting, networking, meetings to enhance technology designed to make our cities and life better. Our solution for crowd analytics can help city planners and administrators, as well as companies dealing with city businesses: mobility, emergency assistance, sustainability, green urban re-development, besides tourism and hospitality. Learn how your city lives and build your services upon this knowledge.

31 August 2015

Can mobile technologies revolutionise international development?

31 August 2015,

Nowadays mobile technology seems to be everywhere, but what about the situation in the developing countries? How can ICTs help humanitarian workers on the ground as well as local communities, and to what field do these technologies apply? Healthcare, education, mobile money: the tech revolution affects every human domain and helps improving lives in developing countries, supporting international development. At DFRC we want to give our contribution too. Read how.

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