27 March 2015

What is common among IoT, mobile and Smart City? The Cyber Security threat

27 March 2015,

The 2nd CAMINO event took place in Barcelona, on March 3rd, during the Mobile World Congress days. Goal of the event was to gather […]

19 March 2015

Population stats: how to get and how to read them

19 March 2015,

Statistics play an essential role in understanding complex scenarios, especially in disciplines where the object is the hardest and most complicated to deal with, i.e. […]

27 February 2015

Europa League: passion and safety during YB – Everton in Bern

27 February 2015,

On Thursday 19th of February, the football stadium in Bern hosted the Europa League match between the Swiss home team, BSC Young Boys, and […]

26 February 2015

Carnival in Bern brings back tradition, locals and a lot of tourists

26 February 2015,

The carnival is always described as a children festival, nevertheless there are several popular carnivals, all over the world, that attract mainly grown-ups with a young […]

18 December 2014

Crowd analytics dataset: launch of the Singapore Malls Database

18 December 2014,

It is a common assumption, nowadays, that Big Data and Open Data can help in every decision making process, and more. How this may […]

9 October 2014

Meet DFRC and its innovation and research at ICT Proposers’ Day

9 October 2014,

Today and tomorrow a networking event for researchers and professionals in the European Information & Communication Technologies sector is taking place in Florence, Italy. The beautiful […]