9 June 2016
9 June 2016,

Last week in Singapore, the annual Asia’s largest integrated ICT event took place at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre: CommunicAsia 2016 gathers experts and professionals from different sectors, to talk about IoT, Big Data analytics, technologies to make cities smart and safer.

DFRC attended the event for the third year, its stand hosted under the Singapore pavilion, as usual. Unusual was in fact the participation of DFRC partners in Face2Phone project: IMA, APROKS, Sejoong IS and LABFIS. As already mentioned in our blog, the Face2Phone project aims at the creation of a platform capable to match faces and mobile phones on a large scale privacy-friendly environment; such fusion of different technologies will make the system able to alert security forces about violation of legal requirement or public safety.

Such integration was showcased with video analytics cameras and access control systems. People visiting our booth witnessed our partner’s camera’s accuracy in reading people’s faces and played with a phone-enabled virtual door which can be opened via NFC and Bluetooth only by authorised devices.

Integration of Video and Crowd Analytics showcased at CommunicAsia 2016

Integration of Video and Crowd Analytics at CommunicAsia 2016

Phone-enabled Access Control System showcased at CommunicAsia 2016

Phone-enabled Access Control System showcased at CommunicAsia 2016


This combination of technologies embodies a very powerful tool for commercial players and critical infrastructures’ managers. In the retail industry, for instance, the integration of our LBASense technology with cameras improves the understanding of customers’ behaviour, disclosing useful yet anonymous information related to gender and age of prospects, in addition to Crowd Analytics figures, such as returning visitors and conversion rate analysis. Furthermore, university campus can benefit from Face2Phone solution to deliver a non-intrusive access control system capable to monitor activities of unauthorised users in case of unusual behaviours; the whole idea is to make campus safer and people feel more comfortable.

Next stop on our way to demonstrate Face2Phone project will be in London: join us and our partners at IFSEC International 2016, from the 21st to the 23rd of June.

LBASense Dashboard app: CommunicAsia real-time results

LBASense Dashboard app: CommunicAsia real-time results

As our custom at exhibitions we participate in, we also demonstrate DFRC real-time crowd counting system, based on wireless signals. Believing that there’s no added value for a technology that can’t be accessed by everyone, we took the opportunity of presenting at CommunicAsia to launch our brand new mobile application for iOS: the LBASense Dashboard, currently available in the Apple Store (coming very soon the Android version on Google Play). The mobile app comes with a demo user account already enabled, in order to let anyone curious discover how Crowd Analytics looks like. For the special event of CommunicAsia, we also released credentials to access the real-time results to visitors stopping by at our booth.

Interested to know more? Download the app and send us an email to get CommunicAsia credentials.


Featured image by © Caitlyn Han Xiao, June 2016.

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