22 September 2016
22 September 2016,

The one just passed has been one memorable weekend in Singapore. The tiny city-state in South East Asia is one of the well known countries for quality of services offered, world-class events and unforgettable experience: the F1 weekend at Marina Bay Street Circuit is no less than all this.

Among the enthusiastic spectators, DFRC team was on site to run LBASense system for event monitoring. In particular, the passive short-range sensors were installed just outside the F1 park and at two of the main grandstands, to enable the understanding of mobility patterns.

For most event organisers, in fact, it’s essential to learn how people enter the event area, whether they move around or spend time in a specific locations, and in such case how long they stay. All these pieces of information build a bigger picture that helps event and venue managers better design the next happening: for instance, creating new gates and alternative ways of moving, increasing or relocating the fan-zones, modifying the food stalls layout.

During the F1 long weekend, besides the race itself, there are tons of side events that attract an impressive number of people from all over the world. With the LBASense system we tried to analyse spectators’ flow and here follow some examples of our findings.

Before the drivers parade prior to the Grand Prix, on Sunday, people rushed to take their seat at the grandstands in front of the bay in almost half an hour: despite the motto “sit back and relax”, spectators gathered as close as possible to the track, without leaving the grandstand, to take the best shot of drivers running around on vintage cars.

Visitors count over time at the drivers parade

Instant visitors count at the F1 drivers parade

F1 drivers' parade before Singapore GP started

F1 drivers’ parade before Singapore GP started


About one hour later, the drivers went back to their incredibly-fast cars and started warming up. Whoever left the circuit area, for a quick bite or photo shooting of the breathtaking landscape, took again the assigned position to enjoy the race: more than 300 persons per minute moved back to their seats, while cars were getting ready for the race.

Visitors count over time at F1 Warm Up

Instant visitors count at F1 Warm Up

A car warming up at F1 Singapore

A car warming up at F1 Singapore

For enquiries or any additional information on the event monitoring solution, do not hesitate to contact us.


All images © by Chiara Bertoldini, September 2016.


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