Integration is the passcode for security applications

Security Building by Paul Sableman

March 24th 2016  – Prague

In the tech world, nowadays the global focus stretches towards two main and apparently opposite topics: the “everything connected” model and its security.

At DFRC we see our technology as a powerful and effective solution to support security applications. Since we strongly believe in co-operation as a mean to improve quality and expand our system, along the years we partnered with several companies to create synergy and deliver more comprehensive systems to our customers. In the security field, we found our best companions in IMA, APROKS, Sejoong IS and LABFIS.

Under Eurostars, the European programme that supports innovation promoted by Small and Medium Enterprises in international context, we pushed the adoption of our LBASense technology towards more security-oriented applications, by integrating it with access control systems. Being capable to sense signals transmitted by mobile phones, DFRC sensors can locate the source device and, in combination with identification readers, provide a full figure of the crowd inside the target premises.

From this perspective, current tools used for people identification, like RFID tags, badges, magnetic cards, can soon be replaced by personal smartphones. The authorisation procedure, based on which a person is granted access inside a building or a specific premises, can be executed via a quick registration step of the person’s smartphone into the system; from that moment onwards, any access through any gate can be verified by passing the phone over the reader at the door and entrance is allowed (or denied) according to the security profile associated to that specific phone.


Visitors count based on IMA Access card, integrated in LBASense dashboard
Security applications at IMA: visitors count based on registered access, integrated into LBASense dashboard


Security applications don’t stop at crowd management and on-site location control sensors, though. Next goal we are pursuing is the final integration with video surveillance systems, based on video analytics and monitoring cameras. The Face2Phone project aims at the creation of a platform capable to match faces and mobile phones on a large scale privacy-friendly environment; such fusion of different technologies will make the system able to alert security forces about violation of legal requirement or public safety.

For more information about LBASense integration for security applications, do not hesitate to contact us at info(at)

Project F2P (E!9857) is co-funded by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and European Union as part of the EUREKA’s Eurostars Programme.



Featured image “Security Building” © by Paul Sableman, released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic