LBASense Technology

LBASense estimates the number of people present in an area, evaluates the duration of their stay and derives their country of origin.
To do so, LBASense requires sensors to be installed in the area under observation: such sensors detect and count signals generated by mobile phones, transmitted over WiFi and Cellular protocols, without interfering in any way with the phones communication, nor acquiring any piece of information capable of identifying single individuals (e.g. mobile phone number). Such signals contain, among others, anonymous data like the WiFi MAC address or IMSI/TMSI, which are the digital signatures of the phone device and the SIM card, respectively. No direct connection between these data and the identity of the person carrying the phone can be established with LBASense technology.
LBASense Data Treatment
LBASense Data Treatment
WiFi MAC address is what LBASense sensors capture: soon after acquisition, data is transferred to a local server, over secure link, and converted with a strong encryption key into an internal code; such codes are aggregated based on time and region of collection, whereas the raw data is deleted immediately after the conversion.
Aggregated figures are elaborated with statistical approach to determine the so-called Crowd Analytics.
Understanding the size of a crowd or their distribution in an area is essential to guarantee safety and security for the people on-site; also, it has recently become an instrument for actors such as municipalities to better learn about population habits, to improve public services, from transportation to cultural happenings, or for advertisers and retailers to measure commercial initiatives’ success. This is what LBASense provides as Crowd Analytics: footfall counting, duration of the stay estimation, flow patterns analysis, statistical distribution of country of origins.
LBASense is a technology delivered by DFRC. DFRC provides its service mainly to cities, retailers or event organisers as a tool to measure the impact and effectiveness of commercial initiatives or actions taken to improve the life of citizens in the city.
What about privacy
Since May 2018, the EU GDPR is enforced. LBASense technology respects citizen’s data privacy, in line with the GDPR, since LBASense sensors don’t allow the identification of persons behind phones.
All the collected data are encrypted and aggregated: if your phone is detected by the sensors, it becomes a number in our system but we don’t know it’s you.
By law, cities or businesses installing sensors to estimate crowds shall inform citizens and customers, using notice signs on appropriate media, who have the right to ask for information about the system to the Data Protection Officer.

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