Cluj-Napoca – Romania

The Deployment

Cluj-Napoca city is covered by 7 LBASense sensors located along the banks of the Someșul Mic river and in the Old Town.


The Data

The live Crowd Analytics figures are from the European project ROCK installation in the City of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, retrieved from the LBASense Dashboard. Data show a summary of the activity of this specific site, including the number of visitors now, as a number, and distributed per region, as shown in the pie chart.

Below the pie chart, the yearly number of visitors (summed up from the daily visitors) is displayed, followed by a graph comparing the monthly number of visitors during the past 6 months.

On the right-hand side, a calendar-like table displays the daily number of visitors allowing to compare the footfall per particular day of the week (weekday vs. weekend).


Contact us if you wish to access similar data for your site and access more city data on the Open Data page.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730280. The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the ROCK project and in no way reflects the views of the European Union.