26 May 2016

Value-added analytics for operators: LBASense for Telcos

26 May 2016,

Value-added analytics is a generic term to define benefits solutions like LBASense could bring to operators, as well as tourism agencies and municipalities. Besides statistical figures of footfall, duration of the stays and revisit patterns, location-based algorithms that rely on anonymous mobile phones signals help performing analysis on mobility, nationalities and competitors’ subscribers. How to bring operators’ knowledge to higher, aggregated and more comprehensive level.

12 May 2016

The Cloud computing system: enabling new tools for Smart Cities

12 May 2016,

Invited to talk during the afternoon session “Data as a service” of CloudAsia, Erel Rosenberg, DFRC’s Director, presented the mobility analytics tools as a technology benefiting from the advantages of Cloud computing technology for Smart cities.

28 April 2016

The Singaporean Crowd Analytics Mobility Use Case

28 April 2016,

DFRC, established in Singapore since 2012, has installed several LBASense sensors in the Smart Nation in order to analyse the citizens’ mobility patterns. Here are some results about how citizens of the Lion City move around the island.

7 April 2016

Big Data and IoT: building blocks for public safety

7 April 2016,

How Big Data and IoT are intertwined and can be exploited for public safety. Impact of predictive analysis into everyday life explained by Mr Rosenberg, DFRC CEO, during his talk at IoT Asia 2016.
The key lies in Predictive Analytics, prediction models which use historical data to increase accuracy, and whose reaction time, provided with access to real-time data, can be significantly reduced. When data collection is based on sensors like LBASense, predictive analytics become game changers in public safety scenario.

1 April 2016

LBASense for Tourism: enhancing professional capabilities and travel experience

1 April 2016,

Crowd analytics in the new era of e-tourism is meant to provide valuable insights to the tourism industry (hospitality, cities, cultural infrastructures, etc.) but it is also targeting a better travellers’ experience by providing new tools to maximise time and pleasure, discovering new environments.

24 March 2016

Integration is the passcode for security applications

24 March 2016,

Everything connected, in a secure way. Thanks to co-operation with our Czech partners from IMA, LBASense integrates with Access Control System for improved, mobile-driven security applications, providing a full figure of the crowd inside the target premises.

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