4 April 2017

The SeaSearch Workshop: a successful demo event

4 April 2017,

How to detect and rescue vessels in bad weather conditions? How to protect our seas in an effective way? On Wednesday, March 8th, the SeaSearch project at its best was demonstrated during the Workshop organised by Halpin and NMCI, with the support of the consortium leader, DFRC, and the partners, TechWorks Marine and UCC.

28 July 2016

Improving safety at sea: the SeaSearch consortium at work

28 July 2016,

SeaSearch is an ESA-supported demonstration project that aims to protect and make Irish marine and coastal waters safer, through integration of satellite and radar images, AIS data and phone detectors technology.
DFRC, the consortium’s leader, and its partners TechWorks, NMCI and UCC are examining the challenges of equipping helicopters and ships with a stand-alone device capable of detecting mobile phones and associating them with specific vessels, for Search and Rescue operations, both at sea and inland, in a new, integrated and effective manner.

15 July 2015

SeaSearch and the applications of Maritime Awareness Pictures

15 July 2015,

Maritime Awareness Pictures for law enforcement agencies, SAR operations and environmental protection. SeaSearch presented to the Swiss Army by Dr Thomas Staub.

30 June 2015

PERSEUS final act: the pilot system ready for deployment

30 June 2015,

Brussels, June 25th: PERSEUS Final Conference is the ultimate act of the demonstration project developed within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. The Protecting EuRopean SEas and borders through the intelligence USe of surveillance (PERSEUS) consortium was launched and designed with a clear goal: provide large-scale integration, validation and demonstration of smart and novel technologies to secure seas and shores. It’s time to deploy pilot systems. Read about DFRC plans.

8 April 2015

SmartBay tests integration with SeaSearch: technology to protect seas

8 April 2015,

SmartBay Ireland manages national marine test infrastructure and facilities to support testing and validation of innovative sensors and services for the global marine sector. At SmartBay […]

23 February 2015

20 Minuten talks about Sea Search

23 February 2015,

Sea Search strikes the news again. After the first mention in Le Temps, DFRC technology for maritime surveillance made its appearance in the Friday edition of the Swiss daily […]