26 May 2016
26 May 2016,

LBASense passively analyses signals from mobile phones, regardless of which manufacturer, operating system or telco provider is related to those devices. Data gathered is anonymous, no personal information is ever collected, yet the number of people in a specific area or the operator they are subscribed to matter, for several reasons, to different players.

Value-added analytics is a generic term to define benefits that solutions like LBASense could bring to operators, as well as tourism agencies and municipalities. In addition to statistical figures of footfall, duration of the stays and revisit patterns, location-based algorithms that rely on anonymous mobile phones signals, help performing analysis on mobility, nationalities and competitors’ subscribers.

Besides being a prolific city for making business, Singapore is one of DFRC’s favourite test beds. From one of our installations in the Lion city, in a residential area in the West, we processed data to isolate footfall figures from different providers, in order to run a competitive analysis between two major operators in Singapore.

Obviously, every operator knows the number of own subscribers and can estimate its competitor’s market share. Having such information without relying on market studies, rather in a more accurate and location-related way is what makes LBASense unique: we are capable to provide footfall data discriminated by operator, in each and every location where our sensors are installed. This enables any kind of competitive analysis, time and location related.

Furthermore, value-added analytics can be offered with reference to subscribers’ nationality. Using sensors deployed in selected spots, DFRC’s system allows municipalities, tourism boards and the very same mobile operators to better understand the composition of their reference population. Habits and behaviour, besides purchasing power, are in fact very dependent on nationality and culture. A unique and non-intrusive method to gather such information about the country of origin is adopting LBASense solutions.

One-month results from one of our installations in Singapore show, for instance, that foreigners coming to the city connect to different operators’ networks with different probability, when don’t connect at all to one of them. Cross-check numbers of Thai or Chinese whose phones connect to one or another network and guess the reason of such behaviour.

Monthly Footfall of StarHub subscribers per nationality (Singaporeans not included)

Value-added analytics: StarHub Monthly Footfall per nationality (Singaporeans not included)

Monthly Footfall of M1 subscribers per nationality (Singaporeans not included)

Value-added analytics: M1 Monthly Footfall per nationality (Singaporeans not included)

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Featured modified image by Alexander Baxevanis, released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

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